Once in a while you get hyped up for a certain movie and had high hopes about it, only to learn how it sucks big time and you are better off with something that is worth your popcorn money. There are many movies that are either blockbuster flops or critically panned – worse is that its both.

Stebeck’s Cinema Rant is all about getting to know the worst movies out there that you should avoid because it will just be a waste of your precious time watching – unless you want to bore yourself to sleep, these badly reviewed flicks could have some good use.

John Stebeck is a movie critic, he watches movies for a living and is a former Hollywood insider himself. He is also a film graduate and knows his way around movies as well, he can tell from afar if a movie will bomb or not – even just by watching the trailer alone, he never missed a beat.

Join Stebeck as he rants on what’s wrong about movies today and don’t think it’s all pure negativity here, there are still positive stuff you can find plentiful here – we all just want to make sure you get your money’s worth.