Biggest Film Of The Year? “The Rise Of Skywalker,” Of Course

With famous movies that millions of people have watched, Star Wars series will always be on the list. You don’t have to deny that the crowd is hooked up this movie series that they don’t want to muss watching a single part of it in the big screen. You will even see a long line of people in cinemas who can stand for hours just for them to witness the movie. Watching the trailer of the movie already gives you an idea why you should watch it.

Is The Latest Chapter of Star Wars a Box Office

Watching a movie series gives you an opportunity to decide what chapter is the better. There are times that you feel not satisfied with the latest part compared to its previous part. In the case of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, despite the negative comments about the movie, you still can’t deny that it is a blockbuster. In fact, it is considered to be the third highest film of Star Wars behind The Last Jedi and the Force Awakens. It doesn’t mean that a movie is already a failure if not everyone were satisfied with the flow of the story. Everyone has its point of view. Sometimes, you just have to understand what the author would want to point out for you to appreciate it.

Viewers definitely want things to happen the way they expect to. Yet, twists in the movies will always be there not to disappoint the viewers but for them to understand further. As of February 2020, the movie had earned $1.059 billion worldwide. In the 92nd Academy Awards the movie acquired three nominations which are the Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best original Score. Three nominations were also made for the 73rd British Academy Film Awards that include Best Sound, Best original Music, and Best Special Visual Effects.

Star Wars fans surely have watched the Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker for them to see their favorite characters and also to know what is going to happen in the end. Reviews tell that the last part of the series lack imagination which is the reason why negative feedbacks are widespread in the internet. However, the dedication of the creator to offer the viewers with a great movie is something that deserves respect. Besides, it is still a high grossing film and a part of the Star Wars series that you have loved.


How Realistic Was The Show “Silicon Valley?”

There are lots of shows going on in HBO and one of them the Silicon Valley, an American comedy TV series on HBO. It’s about five engineers who wanted to start their own company in the prestigious Valley.

How did it all begin?

It started with a guy named Richard, who created the app called the Pied Piper. He is a programmer who wanted to create his own company by getting investors for his app. He teams up with other programmers who themselves are struggling to find their place in the valley.

Does the show portray the real things going on in Silicon Valley?

First of all, Silicon Valley is real. Its located in the southern part of San Francisco California, it’s a place where all the high tech stuff is going on. Technologies like laser equipment, medical instruments, robotics and fibre optics and more can be found this place. In other words, the site is real. Therefore, there’s no question if it’s just a fictional place or not. But the question is, was the show realistic in all its content? Do they convey what really is going on in Silicon Valley?

It’s a comedy show, not a sitcom

First of all, let’s establish the fact that this is a comedy show. Some said it’s a comedy sitcom, but it’s not. Sitcoms are situational and could be real because people react on the situation they are placed into and the funny stuffs starts bursting up. However, in the comedy TV show, it’s more character-driven. The character portrays a comedic personality and brings that character all throughout the show or the series.

So when we say it’s a comedy, things had been ridiculous, make-believe, or made up to make something funny. You can set up an all funny scene in real life; things just came out suddenly amusing due to a particular circumstance. Because it’s a show, there are writers, scriptwriters, and editors that manipulate the scene to make it look the way they want it.

So there you have it. It’s not entirely realistic since it’s a TV and comedy show. They have to intentionally exaggerate and make things ridiculous to get the things they want their audience to see.

Real engineers who have watched the show, made their reviews that some part are absolutely true, but there are other pieces of information in the show that is not the actual thing that is happening in reality. So we can say it’s part real and part just for comedy’s sake.


The Pros And Cons Of Watching Movies Online

While we used to have to go to the movie theater to watch a movie, now we don’t even need a TV! Over the years, it has become more and more common for people to watch movies on the internet—and they’re using mobile phones and tablets to do so. The movies can be downloaded or streamed online from websites like 123 movies. While watching movies online is great in many ways, there are some drawbacks we should be aware of too. Let’s check those out.

The Pros Of Watching Movies Online

When we can watch movies from the comfort of home, we don’t have to waste gas driving to the movie theater. We don’t have to be surrounded by hundreds of strangers. We can watch the movies alone or invite our friends and families over. Another advantage is that we’re able to search a massive database of movies. With sites like 123movies new site we can watch nearly any movie we want. And in most cases, we can watch these movies without paying a single cent!

The Cons Of Watching Movies Online

When it comes to watching movies online, there are a few things that aren’t so great. The website we use to watch the movie may not be trustworthy and we may find our personal information stolen or our system hacked. Also, if we choose to download the movie, we could end up waiting hours until it’s available. Depending on the site, we may not be able to find a good-quality version of the movie.

Final Thoughts

The accessibility of our favorite movies is the biggest advantage of watching movies online. We can watch practically any movie whenever we want! We should be careful about which sites we visit and be sure that we have a good internet connection to speed up download times. What are you waiting for? Watch your favorite movie now!


Horror At The Bottom Of The Sea: “Underwater”

They say it’s scary to go out in space where you can see darkness around with scary-looking cosmos, nebulas, and star formations. But of course, we could not forget the possibility of alien life species living out there somewhere. The same feeling you will get when you get down deep at the bottom of the ocean. But what if an alien species is living there all along, unleashing its devastating horror when they are discovered.

What is the Underwater movie?

The movie “Underwater “is all about the horrors underneath the ocean floor. The story setting is seven miles down deep from the surface of the ocean. Kristen Stewart, who famously starred on the Twilight saga movie, was in a team of researchers who battled for survival underwater, trying to escape the unknown creature they have just discovered.

How did the horror start?

It started with an underwater earthquake that destroyed their ship. They decided not to stay there as the ship is beginning to collapse and become very dangerous for them. Therefore, they decided to get to the station nearby by walking on the ocean surface using astronaut like suits. All of a sudden, they encountered an alien-like creature that started the terror to the entire team.

Cast and staff of the movie

The movies were starred Kristen Stewart, along with Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, Gunner Wright, T.J. Miller, Mamoudou Athie, and John Gallagher Jr., a team of aquatic researchers who tries to deal with their situation as their vessel is starting to collapse from within. At first, they thought it was caused by an earthquake, but it was something else that did it.

The movie was directed by William Eubank, produced by Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping. The movie was under 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment and, Chernin Entertainment. It was initially released last January 8, 2020, in Indonesia.

What makes the movie very interesting?

Well, the “Underwater” movie was all about isolated people dealing with an unknown alien phenomenon under the water. Because of the fact that they are isolated and were down deep underwater, they are helpless as they deal with the terror in it. For many reviews, it was thrilling to watch. People are struggling to survive; trying to escape something that they don’t understand is thrilling because the movie doesn’t reveal the thing instantly but gradually and dramatically. So you can ask yourself, “what in the world is that?!” as you watch the movie.


One Of The Best Shows On Amazon: “Fleabag”

Just when you thought that Netflix is king, in comes Amazon Prime with its own list of brilliantly written, perfectly executed television series. By now, Amazon has many offerings of movies and television series that everyone should be on the lookout for.  Luckily, Amazon has a list of its top 50 television series to watch. People can now watch the best of the best television series without having to debate their friends about it. One of the most recently added series on the list is Fleabag, which has gained much popularity and accolades in the most recent award-giving ceremonies for its writing and acting.

Who is Fleabag?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an English writer and actress who is known for television series like Crashing, Killing Eve and Flack. She has also worked in several films like The Iron Lady, Goodbye Christopher Robin, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Her most current work Fleabag is getting a lot of praise for its realistic portrayal of a family and just how people are in their everyday lives. The show is set in present-time London.   

In Fleabag, the show’s creator and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars as a young Londoner struggling to make sense of sex, family and life itsel

The show is an English dramedy television series that stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag. The main character is a very confused and sexually voracious woman who often leads the audience through internal monologues and commentaries, breaking the fourth wall by addressing the camera. The series was adapted from Waller-Bridge’s one-woman play of the same name that won the Fringe First Award.

The series opens with the lead character having a one night stand and then proceeds to pick up another man on a bus. Her life proceeds in Murphy’s Law fashion, where the next event just turns out worse than the previous. As her most recent tragedy comes to light, she tries to make sense of the world around her and struggles as she tries to make sense of her feelings. Many obstacles unravel as the episodes progress, showing the raw, deeper side of all the characters.

Why do we love her?

It is a series that people just want more. The main character and her internal conflicts have warmed the hearts of so many fans. Her relationship with the Big Guy Upstairs is something that we all can relate to and, at one point in our lives, has found ourselves trying to find meaning in our faiths – no matter what that is. The show is ground-breaking with twists and turns delicately woven into a well-written script.    


What Do TV Executive Producers Do, Exactly?

There are many people behind the camera working to make a film or a television series. These film and television projects cannot be done by actors alone. There are teams of people who work behind the scenes. These are people who approved the show, make or stage the show, and release and distribute the show. There are the directors, the producers, the scriptwriters, the stage handlers, the camera crew, the costume designers, the stunt crew, the extras, and the lists goes on and on.

However, there is one job in the entertainment industry that seems to be the first thing to appear in the end credits, and this is the Executive Producers. So what are executive producers? Are they the same as producers? What sets them apart? What is their job?

Executive producers vs. producers

The role of executive producers is to secure the finances for a film and make sure that they have enough money to make a film. They can secure it through an investment company, or studio or themselves. These people are responsible for bridging the concerns between financiers and producers.

The primary responsibilities of an executive producer are securing funding, finding talents, hiring producers, and approving the film production budget. Most prominent producers finance the film themselves while others tie-up with financing corporations. In terms of talent search, executive producers have actors and directors in mind for the project. They usually suggest that these talents are part of their movie to entice financiers. They also talk with talent agencies and negotiate artists’ contracts.

Executive producers also hire producers. The difference between the two of them is that an executive producer knows the material of the films and makes sure to have the money to get it done. Producers, on the other hand, have projects that they are working on and will seek and executive producer to have it done. Producers are also involved in the set every day of filming, while executive producers only visit the set to check and to make sure that the movie is still on-brand.

Lastly, an executive producer approves the budget for the film. A line producer will breakdown the entire script for the executive producer. From this breakdown, the executive producer should decide whether or not they need to raise more funds, or they have enough of a buffer to keep the production going. Should there be any changes in the scenes, the executive producer should know as these changes can all cause changes in the budget. The executive producer is an overseer of the entire production. 


“Last Christmas” – One Of The Worst Holiday Movies Ever

Christmas films are the most famous all-time holiday guilty pleasure. Most of them are sugar-coated stories meant to warm the hearts of millions of viewers across the world. These films do not necessarily need a gripping purpose for the lead protagonist to seek out whatever they want to seek out in life, but he or she eventually falls into that path that ends up meeting someone.  They fall in love, happily ever after, and end credits.

The newest film, directed by Paul Feig, does not veer much away from the classic holiday storyline. The movie Last Christmas is a romantic comedy based on the George Michael song of the same name. The film stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, the jaded store worker who falls in love with an enigmatic man named Tom, played by Henry Golding.  

Your typical rom-com storyline with a Christmas Ghost

Last Christmas begins with the introduction of Kate being bored at her job as an elf at an all-year Christmas store in London. Things turn for the worst as she gets kicked out of her apartment, failing the singing audition, and then, moving in with her immigrant parents. Kate feels uncomfortable as her mother keeps smothering her while disregarding her sister Marta completely. Kate spends more time with Tom and learns more things about him – his work, his hobbies, etc. However, Tom disappears for long periods, and when Kate asks people if they have seen him, they tell her that they never met the man (this is a red flag already). Kate and Tom meet again, but Tom rejects Kate’s proposition to become more intimate. Kate still spends the night with Tom.

After that night, Kate slowly starts building her life back – becoming more active with community service, taking care more of her body, being kinder to her sister, and socializing with her co-workers. She runs into Tom again but was rejected once again. Kate believes that Tom was just not ready to be in a relationship but later discovers that Tom was not real. That his presence was only a hallucination, and that Tom was the donor of the heart that was given to her. Kate realizes how thankful she is of her life and remembers Tom fondly.

Lasting Christmas impressions

Although the story and the backdrop are in season, the whole movie is rather bland and sad. It still follows the same formula of person A meets person B, A and B falls in love, they face conflict, and they are once again reunited. However, it just fails to impress as they decided too much for a more magical ending.