“Last Christmas” – One Of The Worst Holiday Movies Ever

Christmas films are the most famous all-time holiday guilty pleasure. Most of them are sugar-coated stories meant to warm the hearts of millions of viewers across the world. These films do not necessarily need a gripping purpose for the lead protagonist to seek out whatever they want to seek out in life, but he or she eventually falls into that path that ends up meeting someone.  They fall in love, happily ever after, and end credits.

The newest film, directed by Paul Feig, does not veer much away from the classic holiday storyline. The movie Last Christmas is a romantic comedy based on the George Michael song of the same name. The film stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, the jaded store worker who falls in love with an enigmatic man named Tom, played by Henry Golding.  

Your typical rom-com storyline with a Christmas Ghost

Last Christmas begins with the introduction of Kate being bored at her job as an elf at an all-year Christmas store in London. Things turn for the worst as she gets kicked out of her apartment, failing the singing audition, and then, moving in with her immigrant parents. Kate feels uncomfortable as her mother keeps smothering her while disregarding her sister Marta completely. Kate spends more time with Tom and learns more things about him – his work, his hobbies, etc. However, Tom disappears for long periods, and when Kate asks people if they have seen him, they tell her that they never met the man (this is a red flag already). Kate and Tom meet again, but Tom rejects Kate’s proposition to become more intimate. Kate still spends the night with Tom.

After that night, Kate slowly starts building her life back – becoming more active with community service, taking care more of her body, being kinder to her sister, and socializing with her co-workers. She runs into Tom again but was rejected once again. Kate believes that Tom was just not ready to be in a relationship but later discovers that Tom was not real. That his presence was only a hallucination, and that Tom was the donor of the heart that was given to her. Kate realizes how thankful she is of her life and remembers Tom fondly.

Lasting Christmas impressions

Although the story and the backdrop are in season, the whole movie is rather bland and sad. It still follows the same formula of person A meets person B, A and B falls in love, they face conflict, and they are once again reunited. However, it just fails to impress as they decided too much for a more magical ending.