How Realistic Was The Show “Silicon Valley?”

There are lots of shows going on in HBO and one of them the Silicon Valley, an American comedy TV series on HBO. It’s about five engineers who wanted to start their own company in the prestigious Valley.

How did it all begin?

It started with a guy named Richard, who created the app called the Pied Piper. He is a programmer who wanted to create his own company by getting investors for his app. He teams up with other programmers who themselves are struggling to find their place in the valley.

Does the show portray the real things going on in Silicon Valley?

First of all, Silicon Valley is real. Its located in the southern part of San Francisco California, it’s a place where all the high tech stuff is going on. Technologies like laser equipment, medical instruments, robotics and fibre optics and more can be found this place. In other words, the site is real. Therefore, there’s no question if it’s just a fictional place or not. But the question is, was the show realistic in all its content? Do they convey what really is going on in Silicon Valley?

It’s a comedy show, not a sitcom

First of all, let’s establish the fact that this is a comedy show. Some said it’s a comedy sitcom, but it’s not. Sitcoms are situational and could be real because people react on the situation they are placed into and the funny stuffs starts bursting up. However, in the comedy TV show, it’s more character-driven. The character portrays a comedic personality and brings that character all throughout the show or the series.

So when we say it’s a comedy, things had been ridiculous, make-believe, or made up to make something funny. You can set up an all funny scene in real life; things just came out suddenly amusing due to a particular circumstance. Because it’s a show, there are writers, scriptwriters, and editors that manipulate the scene to make it look the way they want it.

So there you have it. It’s not entirely realistic since it’s a TV and comedy show. They have to intentionally exaggerate and make things ridiculous to get the things they want their audience to see.

Real engineers who have watched the show, made their reviews that some part are absolutely true, but there are other pieces of information in the show that is not the actual thing that is happening in reality. So we can say it’s part real and part just for comedy’s sake.