Horror At The Bottom Of The Sea: “Underwater”

They say it’s scary to go out in space where you can see darkness around with scary-looking cosmos, nebulas, and star formations. But of course, we could not forget the possibility of alien life species living out there somewhere. The same feeling you will get when you get down deep at the bottom of the ocean. But what if an alien species is living there all along, unleashing its devastating horror when they are discovered.

What is the Underwater movie?

The movie “Underwater “is all about the horrors underneath the ocean floor. The story setting is seven miles down deep from the surface of the ocean. Kristen Stewart, who famously starred on the Twilight saga movie, was in a team of researchers who battled for survival underwater, trying to escape the unknown creature they have just discovered.

How did the horror start?

It started with an underwater earthquake that destroyed their ship. They decided not to stay there as the ship is beginning to collapse and become very dangerous for them. Therefore, they decided to get to the station nearby by walking on the ocean surface using astronaut like suits. All of a sudden, they encountered an alien-like creature that started the terror to the entire team.

Cast and staff of the movie

The movies were starred Kristen Stewart, along with Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, Gunner Wright, T.J. Miller, Mamoudou Athie, and John Gallagher Jr., a team of aquatic researchers who tries to deal with their situation as their vessel is starting to collapse from within. At first, they thought it was caused by an earthquake, but it was something else that did it.

The movie was directed by William Eubank, produced by Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping. The movie was under 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment and, Chernin Entertainment. It was initially released last January 8, 2020, in Indonesia.

What makes the movie very interesting?

Well, the “Underwater” movie was all about isolated people dealing with an unknown alien phenomenon under the water. Because of the fact that they are isolated and were down deep underwater, they are helpless as they deal with the terror in it. For many reviews, it was thrilling to watch. People are struggling to survive; trying to escape something that they don’t understand is thrilling because the movie doesn’t reveal the thing instantly but gradually and dramatically. So you can ask yourself, “what in the world is that?!” as you watch the movie.